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Salesforce implementations

Salesforce is the largest Customer Relation Management (CRM) Platform in the world. CRM is a strategic tool for managing all relations and interactions of an organisation with current and potential clients, all without high start-up costs or software maintenance. Because Salesforce operates in the cloud, everyone has access to the most current and reliable data anywhere, anytime and on any device. This makes Salesforce CRM the ideal solution for both small and large businesses.

At Gen25 we really do believe in what we do. We think Salesforce is by far the best cloud based CRM system on the market today, and we have been working together with Salesforce for years. It gives us the opportunity to fully leverage the power of the Salesforce platform and to help our customers gain a competitive advantage using innovative solutions.

Service Cloud

Offers all tools an organisation needs for 24/7 client support. Questions can be answered immediately. This personalized service goes the extra mile and is competitive as a result. Clients today use all possible channels to offer their opinions, from traditional ones like telephone and email to the unlimited possibilities of social media. Optimal customer service enhances brand value and generates customer loyalty.

Sales Cloud

Being cloud-based, Salesforce CRM is a quick and smart way to help both large and small businesses operate successfully. It handles routine tasks, freeing the salesperson up to concentrate on acquiring leads while maintaining access to detailed client profiles at all times.

Community Cloud

Helps strengthen relations with clients or partners because it enables quick and easy direct communication. It offers clients the possibility of giving instant feedback, stimulating the involvement of all parties. Clients or partners can also manage their own data and monitor services in progress.

App Cloud

App Cloud optimizes business processes and can manage data of all relations within any organisation. Processes can be automated and streamlined for different departments and for businesses of any size. This allows the team to fully focus on other issues, such as innovations. App Cloud was created to enable this internal process to be developed in a proprietary app on the existing Salesforce platform.

IOT Cloud

To get a complete picture of the client, the IoT (Internet of Things) Cloud can be used. The IoT Cloud connects everything: data from any device, sensor, website and the interactions with Salesforce. The IoT Cloud enables the processing of enormous quantities of data, allowing it to be stored and used for developing powerful applications. It connects the Internet of Things to the Internet of Customers.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is the most powerful platform for creating and managing intelligent customer journeys. The large variety of marketing tools available ensures you can create personal customer journeys on every customer touch point. Use Email Studio to create personalized email campaigns, Social Studio to listen, publish and connect with your customers on all your social channels, and use Advertising Studio to leverage your customer data to manage and optimize your digital campaigns. With this complete 'Salesforce for Marketers' solution you can build the same 1-to-1 relationships online as you have in stores.

Heroku Enterprise

Heroku forms the basis for specialisation outside the range of the Salesforce platform. One good example of this is a Customer Facing App which can be distributed to a large potential target group. Heroku was built based on the underlying notion of unlimited upscaling where needed. Heroku has been an official part of Salesforce since 2010 and the data exchange is a strong combination as a result. Gen25 delivers customized solutions for clients on the Heroku Enterprise platform and develops excellent apps, portals and websites for a range of objectives and clients.

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