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Salesforce at the centre of the Suitsupply organization

One of the most challenging and fun Gen25 projects is that of Suitsupply, one of the world’s fastest growing retail organizations. Suitsupply is a company seeking quality and expertise in its partners.

As a partner, Gen25 ensures that the various systems utilized by Suitsupply are linked via Heroku and Salesforce-based solutions. For example, the data from the Salesforce environment is made available on the mobile app via stable and fast APIs, while service-oriented direct chat messaging platforms are offered within the Suitsupply Service Cloud.

The assignment

Suitsupply considers Gen25 an extension of its own organisation. Gen25 expertise supports Suitsupply’s technical needs, with its work centering on Salesforce Service Cloud. In recent years, this has furthered the development of Salesforce platform applications that either retrieve data or send data to external applications.

The result

Middleware for direct messaging - service cloud

Together with MessageBird, Facebook Messenger and Wireless Services, Gen25 has developed a link with WeChat to enable direct support services on this channel from the Service Cloud Console, so Suitsupply stylists can chat directly with clients. WeChat is the most widely used chat application for the Chinsese market and is comparable to WhatsApp.

Via WeChat, clients can ask questions about Suitsupply products. Gen25 receives these questions and through custom-designed Salesforce solutions, links them to the right case. Replies from stylists are carried on the standard Salesforce interface as well, patched through to the appropriate channel via an API.

This middleware can now function within several platforms such as WhatsApp, after starting out initially as WeChat-only. This enables Suitsupply to offer clients better, faster and more extensive service with minimal effort. The connections with MessageBird, Facebook Messenger and Wireless Services are crucial, as it opens up the various channels.

Modules within Salesforce

Gen25 has also realised several other Salesforce platform developments for Suitsupply, such as the webshop inventory function, a link made with Demandware. In addition, Suitsupply wanted to include order information, which is now stored in a custom-made Suitsupply system called S&C (Sales & Customers).
Finally, Gen25 developed a module based on the Salesforce platform that can be used for creating orders, which are made available to various systems through a rest-endpoint. This allows the stylists too to create orders for clients who have asked questions about this in the Service Cloud console.

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