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Personal service through the Salesforce1 mobile app

Oger is one of the market leaders in high-end men’s fashion. The brand is known for its suits, but offers complete clothing lines as well. Italian made to measure fashion is Oger’s pride and the company seeks to distinguish itself in the market through personal attention and service.

That same personal attention and service was at the basis of the project Gen25 handled for Oger, who wanted to give its personal assistants access to all customer data on their smartphones and chose the Salesforce solution. Gen25 was their preferred implementation partner because of its broad experience in the retail sector.

“At Oger, each client has their own personal assistant, enabling direct personal contact."

The business objective

Oger sought to provide its personal assistants with the resources to approach customers proactively, not while they are at their computers but during their visits to the Oger store.

“Our personal assistants now have all customer data in their hands, literally, at the touch of a button.” says Alexander Pennings, CRM manager at Oger. “They have this information while they are with customers in the store, because we’re not the kind of place where everyone is behind an iPad or a desk. At busy times, our PAs obviously have their hands full, but we see them using the system a lot in the morning and late afternoon. Setting appointments and providing service is done directly via their smartphones. The main advantage is the ability to approach customers directly on an individual basis, for example when a new collection of their favourite brand has come in, when they haven’t visited for a while or when the customer is dissatisfied.”

The technical objective

The personal assistants had to have access to all relevant customer data in one place: their smartphones. That data formed the basis for numerous predictive analyses that stimulate them via dashboards into action.

“We wanted to fully base the new environment on the PAs’ wishes.” says Pennings. “At Oger, each client has their own personal assistant, enabling direct personal contact. That’s a scarce commodity in our market and it sets us apart from the rest. The dashboards in their smartphones enable our PAs to access many different reports through Salesforce. These reports will conform fully to the individual PA’s wishes, reflecting their individual styles of working. Personal and tailor made – precisely like Oger delivers its products and service.”

"It took considerable time to understand how seven years of accumulated data was structured inside the old system."

How we work

The technical challenge at Oger was that the outdated POS system was being used for client relations. This system could not be expanded and gave sales personnel only the information that passed through the cash registers. To access other data sources, they needed to log in to other systems. Integrating all this data proved to be a difficult task.

“Gen25 began compiling an inventory of wishes and their technical feasibility. Soon after, the first design proposals followed”, Pennings recalls. “During the initial phase, Salesforce was linked to the POS system for customer data, transactions, brand preferences and other CRM data. That first phase was not easy. It took considerable time to understand how seven years of accumulated data was structured inside the old system. But despite the technical challenges, Gen25 managed to integrate the data. During the second phase, the remaining systems were integrated, including an e-mail campaign tool, a chat program for the website and a link with the tailoring-system.”

How we collaborated

Oger felt Salesforce offered the best CRM solution and subsequently selected Gen25 as its implementation partner. Both choices were logical for the retailer. Oger and Gen25 got on very well.

“There are only a few companies that could deliver on our CRM requirements”, says Pennings. ”Salesforce jumped right out because it is dummy-proof and user-friendly. The impressive client portfolio Gen25 has accumulated sealed the deal for us. Gen25 worked for other retailers as well and had proven they were no strangers to that field. The collaboration always went well – hats off to them. They are quick to tackle problems, understand what the main issues in our market are and they can create solutions to match the challenges. They have also proven they can integrate systems fast.”

What more can Gen25 do?

Oger still has many plans for its Salesforce implementation. They also want to use Gen25’s own apps and more systems will be integrated.

“We have many wishes”, says Pennings. “From now on, we’ll make our reports more complex step by step. In that way, we will be able to supply and trigger our PA’s with new information. In addition, we want to gather more information, for example on our customers’ online behavior. We also want to apply more automated marketing, so we can send our clients personalized newsletters and service news throughout the entire customer journey. There is interest in the Gen25 apps too. Booker25 will enable customers to access our PAs’ appointment books directly. Checkin25 is another app in Oger’s sights. It will allow customers to sign in easily and quickly at our stores, which will also promote the sales process.”

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