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Managing giftcards for retailers in Salesforce

DIDIX develops gifting products, including BioscoopCadeau and RestaurantCadeau. They can be used in many different establishments and are sold in a range of retail outlets.

DIDIX operates in four countries and services a total of 20,000 locations where the gift cards are valid.

The assignment

DIDIX had many small desired modifications to the system. Together these generated a new and flexible system focused on the needs of both DIDIX and their clients. Organisation management, realizing participation in certain gifting products and the integration of external validation systems such as IBAN numbers all needed to be developed.

Gen25 took on the design, realisation, management and optimisation of the Salesforce environment.

The result

Gen25 was actively involved in realizing DIDIX’s ambitions. We opted for a sequenced approach of partial project deliveries. The wish list was divided into different phases, each to be delivered within three days. The work was aimed at designing the system and all external solutions. Salesforce is seen as the organisation’s backbone so the application was subjected to rigorous testing by an internal DIDIX team. Gen25 set up several environments to control version management.

Fast system implementation

DIDIX was able to implement the system in record time, due in part to the specific delivery method. Close collaboration and clear agreements between DIDX and Gen25 enabled quick approval and implementation of the partial deliveries.

Advanced validations

Gen25 developed several rules of validation, the verification of IBAN numbers being the most complex. Based on the country code selected, the IBAN number needed to be valid in that country. A certain syntax was required for some fields including telephone numbers and email addresses. In addition, no duplicates were allowed to be stored in the system.

Gen25 has also developed a link with Chamber of Commerce data in order to validate an organisation, adding it directly to the file and providing insight into the financial activity of the organisation.

We are very satisfied with our relationship with Gen25. In addition to realising our wishes perfectly, they gave us great advice. Gen25 lifted our use of Salesforce to a higher level.

Jennifer Andringa - Senior Partner Manager

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