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Gen25 develops customised system for on the Salesforce Platform is an international business operating several comparison shopping sites in Europe. Their websites list products, prices and terms of delivery for potential buyers to compare, so they can purchase the product in the web shop of their choice based on the information provided.

Because of their innovative methodology, Gen25 was selected by to provide a customised design on the Salesforce Platform for the required facilities. As market leader, needs the best technologies and ideas.

The assignment

Salesforce had already been implemented and used the CRM system for management of contacts with partners, clients and suppliers.

The need arose to design Salesforce as the central system in which data from different systems comes together, such as Google DoubleClick for Publishers, a customized system for website content management, a client portal and several national and international accountancy systems. The aim was to set up a data model that was both scalable and technologically advanced.

Gen25 accepted this challenge. They realised several links and developed customised Salesforce solutions to support the specific work processes at

The result

Gen25 has developed an application that brings together data from several different channels, ensuring consistent client data across all systems. Layers within organizations can be shown and by creating parent-child relationships, data can be shared between these companies. Orders and invoices too can be retrieved from external systems and stored in Salesforce. The invoicing process is connected, so orders can be processed in accounting immediately. For this, Gen25 developed a link with Exact Online and Visma Netvisor.

The platform is capable of supporting both the sales and the invoicing departments. The financial department can create invoices, credit bills as well as turnover reports, using the Salesforce reporting module.

Partnering with Gen25 was a great experience. It’s a joy to work with talented people. It makes all the difference. The developers at Gen25 are good at programming but they also know how to ask the right client questions. Their involvement in the requirement phase was valuable and highly productive. Their flexible work method and their eagerness to succeed together with the client is a much appreciated asset of our partnership.

Mark Gaasbeek, COO

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