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Working together to create the world of tomorrow

Blog Claire Hilbrink | 13-08-2018 Gen25, jobs

It's no secret that there is a shortage of IT talent in the Netherlands, and that the gap between the number of IT job vacancies and the number of qualified candidates will only widen in the coming years. The Salesforce economy alone claims it will provide 3.3 million jobs worldwide by 2022. How can we, as a Salesforce Platinum Partner, best respond to this situation and ensure we offer the right opportunities to the right people?

Working at Gen25

As a rapidly-growing organisation, we are faced with the challenges of recruiting knowledge and talent – yet the ‘requirements’ of a given job stopped guiding us long ago. What's important is finding someone who fits in well within our team and the Gen25 culture and offering them the chance to develop themselves in a new field. That person might be a starting professional in a junior function, or someone who brings specific expertise from a relevant field to the table. We have the knowledge in-house, through our experienced consultants and developers, to provide these new colleagues with the proper tools to develop themselves and grow along with Gen25. In doing so, we bring together various levels of expertise, diverse backgrounds and different disciplines in order to create a balanced team in which development is the top priority.

“I try to foster a culture in which people enjoy a high degree of freedom and help one another. The way to encourage innovation is to give people space and let go so they can do their thing. And to avoid thinking too much in terms of hierarchies.” Gijs Martens, founder & CEO Gen25

Why work with Salesforce?

Because we offer these opportunities, we see that the people who apply for positions with us have taken a conscious decision to work with Salesforce. The attraction of working with the world's number-one CRM platform is undeniable. Salesforce is the fastest-growing software company among the top ten software enterprises. Growth, innovation and their clients’ successes are the company's primary focus; the Trailheads system enables each individual to begin learning all about the platform on their own, free of charge.

“I've always felt great affinity for CRM and the 360-degree view of the client's needs. From the very first day, Salesforce made it clear they do everything in the cloud – that really appealed to me.” Gijs Martens

Seize the opportunity

At Gen25, you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn, complete your Trailheads and gain certificates. But most important to us is that everyone enjoys going to work each morning. We're not just any IT company on the Amsterdam Zuidas office. We organise activities such as ski trips, survival weekends, dinners, bowling, you name it. We actively share our knowledge with one another; you can use the available ‘innovation hours’ for your own projects; and on Friday afternoons we get together for a drink.

We recently launched a new ‘Working at Gen25’ website. On the site, applicants can find the latest job vacancies, read interviews with employees and find information on who we at Gen25 really are: because ultimately, enjoying what you do and where you do it is what matters most.

About the author

Claire Hilbrink is our Human Resource Manager and has been with Gen25 since 2016. She is responsible for our recruitment strategy and is no stranger to the challenges of recruiting in the IT industry. Claire is passionate about building a strong team together with her colleagues and is fully committed to maintaining the authentic Gen25 DNA as we rapidly grow as an organization.