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We develop our own apps

Salesforce is an extremely rich and differentiated ecosystem, with more than 3,000 ready-to-install apps on the AppExchange. But no single platform can provide every possible functionality. That is why we, as a platinum Salesforce partner, develop custom apps which all fit seamlessly into the Salesforce environment. These apps always originate from wishes of our customers, or our own wishes. We offer efficient solutions for practical needs or problems businesses often deal with on a daily basis.

Your flexible online booking calendar

A native Salesforce application to schedule and manage any type of reservation from boats to hotel rooms and from meeting rooms to salon appointments.
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Your service desk solution for social messaging

An application to chat with your customers on any of their preferred channel. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, SMS and more.
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Your flexible ticketing platform

A revolutionary ticketing solution to sell any kind of ticket. From parties to conferences and from museums to theme parks.
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Your visitor registration platform

A native Salesforce application to register all your visitors. The pre-registration and self service check-in ensure for a welcoming process upon arrival.
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Managing your subscription contracts

A native Salesforce application to manage all you complex subscription contracts and your recurring invoices. Track who to charge what each month directly in Salesforce.
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